Harrahs’ casino upgrades its portfolio

Harrahs’ has installed skill-based games in order to attract millennials and update its general services.

US.- Harrahs’ Resort in Atlantic City celebrated yesterday the installation of a new skill-based game “Danger Arena” by GameCo Inc., which is expected to revolutionise the international casino industry. Danger Arena was presented as the first skill-based video game gambling machine at special event in the modern casino.

Atlantic City’s Resort introduced its most acclaimed strategy to boost the local gaming market, which is facing a severe crisis, and also to attract millennial generation. Danger Arena is a major source of attraction for young generations as it introduces a unique way of gambling. The first person action game allows players to shot the proverbial bad guys to win money in 45 seconds.

“I think the slot manufacturers realised that there’s a need to evolve from the traditional based games to something that’s more exciting and skill based for this younger audience that’s coming of age,” says Rick Mazer, regional president for Caesars Entertainment which is introducing 21 arcade-style machines at their 3 Atlantic City casinos.