Goa would implement Macau law

Indian State of Goa would copy Macau’s casino legislation to develop its industry.

India.- Goa Home Department is preparing a new legislation project to amend the current casino laws in order to secure a more established framework. Goa casinos would reinforce their legal status in the Indian state, as several national and local politic parties are pushing for industry ban.

According to the local media, the Home Department legislation draft would be similar to Macau’s casino laws. The great international gambling hub, located in China, represents an example for Asian casino developments as the government has managed to set a strict control in the betting activities both onshore and offshore.

Goa is one of the few regions of India where gambling is legal, but the casino activity is only limited to offshore venues. “We have redrafted rules based on Macau casino rules to specify how to maintain the record of customers visiting the casinos, what should be the quality of CCTV cameras, how many days CCTV footage should be stored, among other things,” commented a member of the Home Department to The Times of India.

Next week, the authorities will send the draft project to be reviewed by the Goa’s government. The bill is focused on defying the conditions of casino area, electronic gaming, live gaming, offshore casino, onshore casino and passenger capacity in the current legislation. Furthermore, the Home Department would include a condition to set a state gaming commission.