Genting, close to Andorra casino licence

The winning bid will be announced in June. (Credits:
The winning bid will be announced in June. (Credits:

The first casino licence in Andorra will soon be issued and Genting is among the companies that will most likely score the rights.

Andorra.- The Andorran government has recently announced that, over the next few weeks, it will announce the winner of the bidding process to develop the country’s first casino in the capital, Andorra la Vella. Genting is among the favourites to score the licence as it competes against Cirsa’s bid.

There are actually 13 bidders who have submitted their offers, but both Genting and Cirsa sit atop of all of them after announcing an investment of €140 million. Said offer has put them as favourites in the race to win the licence, which, in Genting’s case, would see them working next to its local partner, Andorran businessman Marc Giebels van Bekestein and two other businessmen: British investor David Gray and Arc Resorts President Mark Vlassopulos. Still, Genting would hold 70 per cent of the venture.

Genting’s bid foresees the creation of 400 permanent jobs and 600 temporary construction jobs. Its project would include two floors of private rooms and suites, a spa and a “gastronomy market.” If it manages to develop it, the casino would be the company’s first in continental Europe.

Other bids have been submitted by France’s Partouche, Barrière, Raineau and Casinos Austria, all of which are waiting for the announcement of the winner, expected to happen by the end of June.

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