Fremont casino faces disciplinary from gaming commission

The complaint stems from the detainment of a slots player.
The complaint stems from the detainment of a slots player.

The Nevada Gaming Commission is set to consider disciplinary action against the casino property tomorrow (Thursday).

US.- Fremont casino in Las Vegas faces potential disciplinary action from the Nevada Gaming Commission over an incident in which a woman was detained for ninety minutes under false pretenses.

Unidentified security officers at the Boyd-owned property detained a woman who was gambling on slot machines for allegedly stealing credits from another player who was at a nearby machine.

The woman was grabbed by security officers from behind, handcuffed and taken to be interrogated, but the casino’s manager later said that no theft had occurred.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has filed a four-count complaint, and the Gaming Commission is to consider disciplinary action against the property on Thursday.

The complaints state that Fremont’s actions were in violation of Regulation 5 for the operation of gaming establishments, which declares that failure to uphold the state of Nevada’s reputation is “grounds for disciplinary action.”

They read: “The manner in which the security officers handled the arrest of (the patron) was unreasonable given the circumstances.

“Based on the conversations between the patron, the security officer and the Metro officer, it is clear that Fremont personnel did not have a correct understanding of what the evidence purportedly showed.

“The board’s investigation revealed that Fremont did not seem to realize the full scope of the mistakes made by its employees that resulted in the wrongful detention of the patron, the wrongful taking of funds from an innocent patron or the sharing of incorrect information to the investigating officer of Metro and the board.”