Further effects of casino regulation in Bermuda

Bermuda’s Parliament is debating a casino legalisation.
Bermuda’s Parliament is debating a casino legalisation.

Casino operations in Bermuda have been recently updated with the approval of a gaming regulation.

Bermuda Islands.- The Senate of Bermuda Islands has backed the proposal of gaming restructuring last week by approving a plan. The government of the islands has established that the MPs will get a free vote on casino bill aiming at setting an independent Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission under ministerial control. Furthermore, the government revealed that PLP MPs will get a conscience vote on the legislation.

Progressive Labour Party senator Crystal Caesar, who claimed there had been a “media disinformation campaign” about the amendments, added that the minister will also be able to “revoke the appointment of a member who is unable or unwilling to perform his duties as a member or in such other circumstances where the member’s conduct may amount to misconduct or breach of best regulatory practice, or is likely to bring the commission or the Government into disrepute”.

Under the new project passed by the Bermudan Parliament, the Casino Gaming Commission has become completely dependent of the national government’s institution. The decision was made after corruption allegations. The proposal also establishes the resignation of Alan Dunch, incumbent Chairman of the Bermudan Gaming Commission. Simmons had requested the resignation of Dunch on three separate occasions: on August 10, September 27 and October 20, 2017.

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