DRGT awarded at ICE

"We are continually changing the way systems are seen and used in our industry."
"We are continually changing the way systems are seen and used in our industry."

The European company received a “Golden Dice” and achieved “the busiest and most successful” performance at this edition of the show.

Belgium.- Among few European companies that innovated the gaming market during 2015, DRGT stood out for its fast and clean growth as to improvements of the casino systems it provides. Jurgen De Munck received the award handed by European Casinos – The Elite magazine at 2016 edition of ICE Totally Gaming, in Excel, London.

After thanking for the recognition, De Munck explained the hard work they do everyday to be the most innovative and complete gaming system globally. “After recently adding Tables Management, Tables Jackpots and a full Interactive solution to our already comprehensive list of modules, we now believe we can compete against any system provider in the world,” he added. Their success relies on the modern and respectable technology provided in their systems and solutions.

“From previously being seen as a legislative necessity, today DRGT customers are seeing that our system provides many channels to both manage and drive revenues in an increasingly complex and competitive environment. In line with our tag line, ‘One System – Infinite Solutions’, the DRGT system is a modular, flexible and cost effective system solution that boasts some of the most powerful functionality in the world and which is the reason more and more gaming locations are choosing DRGT as their systems partner,” concluded DRGT’s CEO.