Cambodia collects US$ 34.7 million in taxes from Casinos in 2015

This represents a 33 percent increase in comparison with 2014 collection.

Cambodia.- According to Ros Phearun, deputy director-general of the ministry’s finance industry department, collection efforts has yielded great results, as the average annual growth over the previous three years was only 12.5 percent.

The new strategy the government implemented last year to boost revenue by improving the transparency, efficiency and equity of the tax system and monitoring tax collection more closely has proved its worth. “This strategy helped the government collect more tax revenue from largely untapped non-gambling sources within casinos, such as restaurants and nightclubs,” expressed Phearun.

Under Cambodia’s legislation locals are not allowed to gamble in casinos, but the country grants licenses to casinos aiming to increase tourism. NagaWorld, the casino and hotel complex located in Phnom Penh contributed with 23 percent of the total of casino tax collection, probably due to its affluence of foreign tourists.