Bucharest gambling halls to be relocated

The General Council may decide to move all Bucharest gambling halls on the ground floor of apartment buildings to a “neighborhood of gambling.”

Romania.- There could be a major exodus at Romania’s capital city as many Bucharest gambling halls may be forced to relocate. Should the city’s General Council decide so, all venues at apartment building ground floors will have to move to a “neighbourhood of gambling.”

The project seeks to set protection measures for the local population’s most vulnerable segments. Therefore, venues won’t be able to open closer than 200 metres from schools, churches and other public institutions.

According to Catalin Lucian Iliescu, who submitted the proposal, it may help fight gambling addiction.

However, the National Office for Gambling quoted sources (as local G4media.ro reported) saying it would have a negative impact on Bucharest gambling halls. The measure is expected to cause a significant drop in tax collection and -potentially – a loss of jobs as well.

It isn’t the only city in Romania that wants to take such a measure. The town of Voluntari, close to Bucharest, may organise referendum on banning gambling and betting halls.

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