Brazil works towards sports integrity

Genius Sports will promote integrity in sports and betting in the emerging Brazilian market, which will soon be regulated.

Brazil.- While the Brazilian authorities set the conditions for gambling, more companies arrive with offers for the market. Such is the case of Genius Sports, which will boost Brazil’s integrity in sports and the betting industry.

The arrival of Genius Sports will encourage the emerging market, as the company stands out for providing sports data. Therefore, the London-based company arrives in Brazil to monitor and ensure sports integrity.

On the occasion of his arrival in Brazil, Genius Sports will promote a press conference in São Paulo on October 1. The next day, the executives of the English company will attend the Sports Integrity Summit in Brasilia. The event will be associated with the International Institute of Governance and Risks (GovRisk). Moreover, it’ll bring together leading opinion-makers, regulators, sports leaders and experts in a debate on the best way to collectively protect the integrity of Brazilian sports.

Details on the segment

Joga Brazil reported that the federal government already has the basis of the decree that will regulate sports betting in Brazil. At the moment, the authorities are working on the drafting of the decree that will establish said rules. In addition, they will set the tax regime and fines for those who operate illegally.

“We are structuring the draft decree. The plan is to finish it in the coming weeks and launch a new public consultation with the final document. We now have a proposal for the market,” said Alexandre Manoel Angelo da Silva, national secretary of Public Policy Evaluation, Planning, Energy and Lottery at the Ministry of Economy.

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