Brazil debates sports betting

Clubs in Brazil want to benefit from sports betting.
Clubs in Brazil want to benefit from sports betting.

Due to a lack of regulations, clubs in Brazil have yet to receive economic benefits from sports betting operators.

Brazil.- Brazil has yet to establish an official, regulated sports betting market. Although last year it passed the segment’s legalisation, it has not yet issued proper regulations to allow the industry’s development. Thus, sports clubs have yet to benefit financially from agreements with betting brands.

As highlighted by local media, betting activity from Brazilian competitions isn’t turning money to clubs. Therefore, they demand regulations to boost the finances of the Brazilian sports sector. 

“Companies that exploit the online gaming market aren’t based in our country,” BNL Data claims. “Therefore, there are players from several countries who bet on the outcome of Brazilian teams’ games, promoted by the Brazilian governing bodies. It leads us to believe that the relevant figures ​​are not impacting the finances of clubs and organisations in Brazil.”

Sports betting in Brazil

In July, the Paulista Football Federation (FPF) in São Paulo promoted a sports betting seminar. The “Sports betting, philanthropic raffles and commercial promotion” seminar covered several topics on the sector. It was aimed at sports managers, executives and club leaders who work in marketing and legal departments. Both for professional and non-professional football. In addition, it included lawyers, students and other participants in the football industry.

The event was an opportunity to see first hand the plans of the Ministry of Economy for the regulation of sports betting. He also explored the possibilities of philanthropic raffles and commercial promotions as fundraising for sports entities. He also presented the FPF Integrity Manual, clearly indicating the difference between bets and match-fixing.

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