BGC welcomes Labour election victory in the UK

The BGC already viewed Labour as a "government in waiting"
The BGC already viewed Labour as a "government in waiting"

The Betting and Gaming Council has pledged to work with the new cabinet to shape a “world-class” gambling sector.

UK.- The industry lobby group the Betting and Gaming Council (BGC) has welcomed the victory of Keir Starmer’s Labour Party in the UK General Election. The body said it had long viewed Labour as a government in waiting and that the election landslide would provide stability for the sector.

BGC chair Michael Dugher, himself a former Labour MP, pledged to work with the new cabinet to help deliver Labour’s election promise to increase standards for responsible gambling while making the UK the world-leading betting and gaming market. However, Labour’s policy is not expected to differ significantly from that of the former Conservative government, and, at least for the moment, no major changes are expected beyond what was already envisioned in last year’s Gambling White Paper.

Dugher said: “On behalf of our members, the 110,000 people whose jobs rely on the regulated betting and gaming industry, and the 22.5 million people who enjoy a bet each month, we welcome Labour’s victory and its commitment to continue working with the industry.

“On hard-pressed high streets through bookmakers, in the leisure and tourism sector through casinos and bingo halls and in tech, where our members are genuine world beaters, this is a sector ready to contribute to growth, jobs and investment in the economy. 

“We are investing in virtually every constituency in the land and we look forward to working with all the newly elected Members of Parliament. Our members have the much-needed political certainty they need to plan and invest for a sustainable future.

“This work is backed up by the industry’s own significant efforts to drive world-class standards and protections for the vulnerable, which has transformed the sector in recent years and stands in marked contrast to the dangers posed by the unsafe, unregulated black market online.”

New Gambling Commission reporting requirements

The British Gambling Commission’s new reporting requirements have come into force. As announced in May, the regulator requires all gaming licensees to submit quarterly reports as of July 1.

Licensees must make their returns within 28 days of the end of each quarter. Previous returns, including data up to June 30, must be submitted by July 28 or August 11 depending on the type of operating licence. The first quarterly reports under the new regime are for the period from July 1 to September 30 and must be submitted by October 28.

Meanwhile, the Gambling Commission will start a pilot of proposed enhanced financial risk checks for online gambling. A phased approach will see a £500 loss threshold apply from August 30 and a lower £150 threshold will be introduced from February 28, 2025 for “light-touch” passive checks that customers should not notice.

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