New sports betting website launched in New Zealand

The NZRB’s new betting platform was launched this week and was described as “the beginning of a new era” for the segment in the country.

New Zealand.- The New Zealand Racing Board (NZRB) has launched its new betting platform this week and it was described as a major landmark for the segment. The new TAB website and mobile app provide new ways to bet and are set to deliver increased returns to the racing industry.

NZRB CEO John Allen described the launch as “the dawn of a new era for the NZRB and for New Zealand betting customers” and added: “We estimate this initiative alone will increase returns to the industry by €10-€11.2 million in annualised profit, rising to approximately a €17.6 million increase in net betting profit as a result of the Fixed Odds Betting change from 2021/22.”

“We’ve replaced our existing website and app with a responsive, modern and easy to navigate site that delivers more products and events,” Mr Allen explained and assured that customers “will have access to more options than ever before on sporting events from around the world.”

“The new platform will also be a game-changer for our core business, improving business stability and continuity and by moving a number of core functions managed by our old system Jetbet, into a new platform provided by Openbet it gives us the flexibility to set our own odds on events where our local expertise outpaces the PaddyPower options,” he said.

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