Better Collective acquires Canada Sports Betting

Better Collective will pay up to $23.5m.
Better Collective will pay up to $23.5m.

The affiliate company prepares to enter the Canadian market just ahead of Ontario’s launch of online sports betting.

Canada.- Better Collective has acquired Canada Sports Betting (CSB), marking a move into the Canadian market just before Ontario launches online sports betting on April 4. It will pay up to $23.5m, of which $17.5m is an upfront cash payment and $6m a deferred cash payment contingent on certain deliverables in three months.

Better Collective expects activities in Canada to generate revenue in excess of $5.5m in the 2022 financial year. CSB guides users to find wagering websites that will suit their betting needs and helps them make informed online betting decisions.

Jesper Søgaard, CEO of Better Collective, said: “I am very happy to include Canada Sports Betting in the Better Collective product portfolio. This acquisition gives us a strong foothold in a Canadian market, which is developing in a very promising direction.

“With these new websites and with support from our established North American business, I believe we can develop these assets to become flagship brands within sports betting in Canada.”

In January, Better Collective announced it had entered the New York online sports betting market. It announced it entered into partnership agreements with three operators.

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