BetBlocker launches more precise online gaming block

BetBlocker launches more precise online gaming block

A new calendar feature allows users to specify which days they can access gaming sites.

UK.- The responsible gambling app BetBlock has introduced a new feature that allows users to block access to online gambling for specific days.

Until now the app, which was funded and designed by, only allowed users to block access to gambling sites for fixed lengths of time.

A new feature will now allow users to create calendars to specify which days they want to be blocked from gambling, and which days they can be allowed to access igaming sites.

The app will block access to all igaming sites on the specific days that users choose. 

BetBlocker suggests this will permit players to prevent themselves from gambling on particular days, for example at the weekend or on the first few days of the month after their regular payday, while still allowing themselves to gamble on other days.

BetBlocker trustee Duncan Garvie said: “Responsible gambling is about more than the binary option of do or don’t. It’s about helping ensure that people who enjoy gambling can access this activity in a safe and controlled manner.

“BetBlocker’s new calendaring feature is a leap forward for blocking softwares, extending the service from a simple on/off to a point where users can now tailor restrictions that suit their specific needs.”

BetBlocker was officially recognised by the Gambling Commission earlier this year as one of its six listed safer gambling and prevention charities. The regulator recently set out its aim to make Britain a world leader in safer gambling.

This week is Safer Gambling Week in the UK and Ireland. The industry has insisted that the event will still have an impact online despite the closure of most gaming venues due to Covid-19 lockdowns.

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