Australian sports fans are sidestepping betting regulations

Fans are taking money to overseas services to ‘spend billions in offshore havens’.

Australia.- Industry’s experts declared that Australian sports fans are sidestepping the country’s betting regulations to make billions in offshore gambling havens.

Millions are taking their bets overseas to avoid restrictions on rugby league and football matches, they say, with services in the Philippines and Malta among the most lucrative.

The situation undermines the Australian Wagering Council and authorities which are immediately alerted to unusual bets across the country. Since any large or unusual amount is flagged to authorities, gamblers rather to place bets using offshore phone or internet betting services allowing them to spend as much unnoticed.

Mark Morrissey, the retired owner of Bet-Choice said: “There are places where you can get on in the hundred thousands and millions of dollars on an Australian sporting event.” He dismissed Australian regulations like internet blocking as ‘laughable’.