Australia enforces new protection framework

autralia online betting framework

Australia seeks to protect online betting users. (Credits:

The National Consumer Protection Framework has been enforced in Australia to ensure protection for online wagering consumers.

Australia.- The first National Consumer Protection Framework has finally been enforced in Australia in order to ensure protection for online wagering consumers. All Australian governments are now committed to the plan and will take action to favour its goals.

“The National Framework has been developed in response to the recommendations made in the 2015 O’Farrell Review of Illegal Offshore Wagering,” Paul Fletcher, the Federal Minister for Families and Social Services said. He also explained that the framework provides 10 minimum protections for consumers of interactive wagering services in the country.

“The Commonwealth and all state and territory governments will implement the suite of measures within the National Framework over the next 18 months,” he said and added: “The agreement to these measures by all governments means consumers will be protected, no matter where they live in Australia.”

According to Mr Fletcher, the framework will enforce measures designed to “reduce the harm that can be caused to individuals and their families by excessive or at-risk online wagering,” and he asserted: “The National Framework will apply to about 2.5 million active online wagering accounts, or about a million people in Australia and will apply to more than 240,000 Australians already experiencing harm from online wagering.”

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