YouGov report looks into consumer opinions on gambling

This survey looks at some key areas in attitudes to gambling.
This survey looks at some key areas in attitudes to gambling.

The report analyses how people felt about returning to casinos after the Covid-19 pandemic.

UK.- The UK survey company YouGov has released a new study on the gambling sector that looks into consumer views on land-based gambling post-pandemic and the legitimacy of gambling. “Global Gambling 2022: The consumer view in the gambling debate” is based on the results of surveys across 18 international markets, including the Asian markets of Hong Kong, Singapore, India and Australia.

When asked about the quote ‘I support the idea that people where I live should be allowed to bet on sports online and in person‘, 50 per cent of respondents in Hong Kong either strongly or tended to agree with the statement. In India, 43 per cent of people agreed and in Singapore only 32 per cent.

When asked if online betting should not be allowed, 46 per cent in Hong Kong agreed, 57 per cent in India and 56 per cent in Singapore. In Australia, 53 per cent agreed that online betting should not be allowed.

On the question of whether respondents think big, regulated gambling companies in their regions behave responsibly and fairly, only 14 per cent in Australia either tended to or strongly agreed.

Interestingly for its proximity to Macau, in Hong Kong, 31 per cent strongly disagreed with the statement that they would be happy to visit a casino following Covid-19. In Singapore, 44 per cent strongly disagreed and 26 per cent tended to disagree. 

The report stated: “Of course, with regard to Hong Kong the ongoing restrictions in Macau – including another closure of casinos in early July 2022 – means the reluctance to visit is effectively part of Chinese policy.  

“Things are better with regard to official policy in Singapore, but a high degree of wariness over Covid-19 appears to still be in evidence. This is problematic for markets already missing tourist traffic and hoping for higher local visitor levels.”

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