Yokohama: RFC process for IR in motion

Yokohama: RFC process for IR in motion

Yokohama city has officially launched its RFC process, with concept proposals for an IR at Yamashita Wharf now being accepted.

Japan.- With its easy access to the 38 million population of the greater Tokyo area, Yamashita Wharf is the most sought after among all IR locations in Japan.

The city will use these proposals and hearings as reference materials to draft an implementation policy by 2020.

Firstly, and based on each proposal, the city will hold hearings around landscape concerns, measures for problem gambling and effects on tourism promotion.

Moreover, registration from both overseas IR operators and local Japanese are open until 30 October 2019; with proposals accepted until late December.

Yokohama city officially expressed interest in an IR bid in August. The city council passed a supplementary budget that included €2,15 million for related expenses in September.

Also, the municipality plans to finalize an implementation policy in 2020; and will start a public offering and selection process for an operator. Lastly, Yokohama hopes to select its operator by 2021 and open for business in the late 2020s.

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