Yokohama confident in IR bid despite Coronavirus

Yokohama confident in IR bid despite Coronavirus

The Mayor expects operators will continue to show interest in partnering with the city to launch an integrated resort.

Japan.- Yokohama officials have said they expect the impact of the Coronavirus to be limited on its efforts to identify an operator partner for a potential integrated resort in the city.

“There has been a real overlap, but the spread will subside within a certain period of time,” Yokohama City Mayor, Fumiko Hayashi, said during a press conference. 

The mayor expects that operators will continue showing interest in the  IR development even though the economy looks set to decline this year.

“I believe that operators will make rational decisions. Even if some back out, that doesn’t mean there will be no interest,” she said.

“There is information that there will be a supplementary budget after the national government’s budget for the new fiscal year. If that’s the case, the city will also take measures to draw up the necessary supplementary budget,” she added.

Yokohama city already published a draft of its IR implementation policy, focussing on problem gambling and security.

The final implementation policy is scheduled to be published in June and will also include the criteria thatIR operators must include in their bids.

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