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Yokohama citizens demand IR referendum

Yokohama is likely to see a referendum on its IR bid.
Yokohama is likely to see a referendum on its IR bid.

Citizens of Yokohama have collected over 200,000 signatures to demand a referendum.

Japan.- Yokohama residents continue to demand a referendum on the city’s IR bid. A campaign group has delivered a petition that reached more than 200,000 signatures – more than three times the number required to request a referendum.

Setsu Kobayashi, joint representative of the Yokohama Citizens’ Group to Decide on a Casino, said: “One in fifteen citizens has requested that we are allowed to make the decision in favour of or against an [IR] and we urge the city council to not ignore us.”

Opposition to the city’s intended IR bid has been growing. One of those against it is 90-year-old Yukio Fujiki, chairman of the Yokohama Port Harbor Resort Association. He has said: “I will never allow a casino.”

Yokohama city’s mayor, Fumiko Hayashi stated: “Over 200,000 signatures have been collected and I am very aware that our residents are very concerned and worried about developing an IR.”

The validity of the signatures will now be examined by the elections officer then Mayor Hayashi will be asked to enact a referendum ordinance.

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