Women in Gaming Australasia announced movements in board

The aim is to remove barriers for the advancement of women in the gaming

Australia.- Women are standing strong in the gaming related industry. They recently moved a step forward into the battle for equality after recruiting two important names for the Women in Gaming and Hospitality Australasia organisation. Aristocrat’s David Ronson and The Star Entertainment Group’s Alison Smith are now part of the board.

Women in Gaming and Hospitality Australasia (WGH) is an industry-driven not for profit organisation. The aim is to identify and remove barriers for the advancement of women in the hospitality and gaming related industries.

The Australasian Gaming Council is trying to encourage the development and success of women through education and mentorship. The AGC also provides tools  for other organisations wishing to develop or enhance their gender diversity and inclusion initiatives.

“I’m thrilled to welcome David and Alison, who are both passionate about empowering women working in, or looking to work in, the gaming industry in Australasia,” said WGHA CEO Helen Galloway.

Who are David and Allison

“David is a passionate, people-focused leader of the Aristocrat team. He is based in Sydney, and has a strong focus on building a high-performance culture. Alison brings strong stakeholder skills to the board together with an external focus on the importance of corporate responsibility”, continued.

“Alison’s appointment also increases our board presence and representation which now runs across Auckland, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne and Sydney”, added.

Galloway also announced that Christie Roser, Chief People and Culture Officer at Aristocrat has been promoted to the role of Chair. She achieves the position after the retirement from the board of Chad Barton and Jenny Hatton-Mahon. “Our new members bring quite different skills that complement our board and will help us re-energize WGHA”, Roser said.

“I joined WGHA when the organization was first set up, I am excited to now be stepping into a slightly different role as we build on the traction we’ve achieved so far”, he concluded.

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