US district court rejects IPI bid for temporary restraining order to save casino licence

US district court rejects IPI bid for temporary restraining order to save casino licence

The Commonwealth Casino Commission has been allowed to proceed with Imperial Pacific International’s casino licence revocation.

Northern Mariana Islands.- The US district court has declined Imperial Pacific International (IPI)’s request for a temporary restraining order, paving the way for the Commonwealth Casino Commission (CCC) to initiate proceedings for the revocation of the company’s casino gaming licence. 

IPI had filed an emergency motion for a temporary restraining order in an attempt to halt the CCC’s revocation proceedings. CCC’s executive director, Andrew Yeom, confirmed in an interview with the Saipan Tribune following the court hearing that the commission would proceed with the revocation proceedings. 

He said the denial of the temporary restraining order means that IPI has until the commencement of the proceedings to comply with the CCC’s orders. Failure to do so would result in the proceedings moving forward.

IPI’s motion argued that the order was necessary to preserve the status quo pending the adjudication of pending lawsuits against governor Arnold I. Palacios and CCC officials. It is challenging the constitutionality of CNMI laws and regulations underlying the revocation proceedings and contests the CCC’s jurisdiction to adjudicate claims arising from its casino licence agreement.

IPI’s revocation hearing will take place today (February 28), at 9am at the CCC’s conference room at Springs Plaza in Gualo Rai. The hearing was initially scheduled for January 31 but was postponed to February 12 and then to February 20, as the parties were involved in settlement negotiations. 

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