The Philippines: 7 arrested over illegal cockfighting

Police carried out a raid in Santa Maria village.
Police carried out a raid in Santa Maria village.

Police in Pampanga arrested seven people who were involved in illegal cockfighting in Santa Maria village.

The Philippines.- Operations continue to crack down on illegal cockfighting rings in The Philippines. Seven people were arrested on Easter Sunday in Santa Maria village for alleged involvement in illegal cockfighting. During a raid, police seized seven live and four dead roosters, two gaffs, and P10,320 bet money.

The suspects were arrested at the city’s police station and charged with violating Presidential Decree 1602 and Republic Act 9287, both of which impose aggravated penalties for illegal gambling. Newly appointed Pampanga Police Chief Colonel Alvin Ruby Consolacion has vowed to prosecute those involved in criminal and prohibited activities, including illegal gambling.

In January, the superintendent of police (SP) Siddharth Kaushal reported that police had dismantled 52 arenas readied for cockfights in various parts of the district. Two weeks ago, police arrested 300 people at a cockfighting pit in the town of Balingasag.

Philippines president continues to defend e-sabong

President Rodrigo Duterte has continued to defend e-sabong operations in the Philippines. He said the government needs revenue from online cockfighting because other funds have been consumed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

In March, 23 senators signed Resolution No. 996 calling for a suspension of e-sabong after 31 people linked to the industry disappeared. Authorities have so far allowed operations to continue but ordered the Philippine National Police and the National Bureau of Investigation to investigate the matter.

According to Philstar, Duterte said: “I need the money from e-sabong for those expenses that are not in the budget, which you can’t get in the budget so you need money from the outside.”

However, Duterte clarified that, if necessary, he will order the suspension of e-sabong operations, but that will cause the country to lose several billion pesos in revenue.

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