India: Police dismantled 52 illegal cockfight betting rings

Cockfighting has been illegal in India since the enactment of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act in 1960.
Cockfighting has been illegal in India since the enactment of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act in 1960.

Police in Vijayawada dismantled illegal cockfight rings arranged in various parts of the district.

India.- The superintendent of police (SP) Siddharth Kaushal reported through a press release that police dismantled 52 arenas readied for cockfights in various parts of the district.

As part of the precautionary measures, police conducted raids on gambling and cockfighting venues from January 1 to 12. A total of 1,423 cases were registered and 2,896 were detained.

In addition to this, police also seized 126 roosters, 1,306 rooster knives, 96 two-wheelers, two auto-rickshaws, three cars, 22 mobile phones, an electric motor and other equipment used to prepare the arena.

Siddharth Kaushal told The New Indian Express: “We also identified 1,209 persons involved in gambling and cockfights in the past. We have filed bind over cases against them in 1,011 cases in advance.”

Last December, Delhi police arrested 16 people including three chartered accountants in a raid on an alleged illegal gambling operation.

According to reports, whistleblowers had informed police about the gambling ring in the South Delhi area. During the raid, police seized money, playing chips and playing bricks.

DCP South Delhi, Benita Mary Jaiker, told India Today: “The Police Team received a credible piece of information that a gambling racket was operating in M- Block, South Extension Part-II. Immediately, the information was relayed and as per the direction of senior officers, a team was formed to bust the gambling racket.”

Focus Gaming News also reported that police made two arrests after busting an illegal cricket betting racket that was taking bets through a website.

According to the Deccan Herald, the police seized cash, debit cards, mobile phones and cheque books from various banks. 

One of the men arrested had previously been accused of involvement in two gambling cases in 2019. He was under police watch in Hyderabad but moved to Warangal.

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