The Philippines: 300 arrested over illegal cockfighting

Those arrested were found gambling in a cockpit in Mandangoa, Balingasag.
Those arrested were found gambling in a cockpit in Mandangoa, Balingasag.

Police have carried out a raid in a cockpit located in the town of Balingasag.

The Philippines.- Some 300 people have been charged with illegal gambling after a raid on a cockfighting pit in the town of Balingasag. Police said the suspects were arrested during a joint raid by police in the province and city of Saghmandangoa, Bahrain.

According to officials, the managers of the cockfighting pit had been previously warned to abide by National Inter-Agency Task Force Res. 154, paragraph 1, which states that betting must be non-cash and use a basic technology platform, with no physical exchange of cash and no verbal wagering.

According to Manila Times, police seized money, 99 motorcycles, cars, 20 pieces of game fowl gaffs, 10 pieces of gaff scabbards, 13 dead fighting cocks and 27 live fighting cocks during the raid. Four minors were found during the raid and were handed over to their parents in the presence of city social workers for an intervention and transfer programme.

In March, police in Gapan City arrested 13 people for alleged involvement in illegal cockfights. In January, the superintendent of police (SP) Siddharth Kaushal reported that police had dismantled 52 arenas readied for cockfights in various parts of the district. Police seized 126 roosters, 1,306 rooster knives, 96 two-wheelers, two auto-rickshaws, three cars, 22 mobile phones, an electric motor and equipment used to prepare the arena.

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