The Philippines: 3 arrested for illegal gambling

Three people were arrested in Caloocan City.
Three people were arrested in Caloocan City.

Police in Caloocan City have arrested three people in a raid on alleged illegal gambling activities.

The Philippines.- Caloocan City police have arrested three people for illegal gambling after conducting a raid at Kaunlaran Village. Police reported that those arrested are aged between 24 and 50 years old and were playing “Lotteng”, a combined game of lottery and the jueteng numbers game.

An undercover officer gave one of those arrested PHP50 during the event. The suspect gave the officer a receipt, which led to her arrest. The suspect faces charges of violating Presidential Decree 1602, as amended by Republic Act 9287, police said. Officers seized money, bet receipts, a printer, and a cellphone.

Meanwhile, 13 people have been arrested after police found an illegal cockfight underneath bamboo trees in the village of Mabura in Gapan City, Nueva Ecija. According to officers, those arrested are aged between 37 to 63. Some tried to evade arrest by jumping into the river but were caught.

A month ago, 56 people, including two barangay (district) captains and a councilman, were arrested on suspicion of engaging in tupada or illegal cockfighting in Pandacan, Manila.

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