Thailand: woman charged in connection with online gambling fraud

Police arrested a 41 year old woman in Chon Buri.
Police arrested a 41 year old woman in Chon Buri.

A woman was arrested at the beach in Chon Buri province for allegedly opening a bank account for a fraudulent gambling website.

Thailand.- Police have arrested a 41-year-old woman in Bang Lamung district of Chon Buri for allegedly opening a bank account for a fraudulent Chinese gambling website. She has been charged with fraud and violation of the computer crimes act.

According to police, the suspect opened a bank account for a Chinese gambling website in exchange for money in 2021. The website then used the bank account to accept funds from at least ten victims who have filed lawsuits.

Previous cases in Chon Buri

In January, eight people were arrested after police raided an alleged illegal gambling operation at a two-story house in tambon Ban Suan, Muang district, in Chon Buri province. Those arrested, aged between 19 to 31 years old, were allegedly using the house as a centre to administer online gambling websites.

During the raid, police seized computers and mobile phones. According to Bangkok Post, the three illegal gambling websites had more than 100,000 members in total and the operation had THB100m in bets in circulation each month.

Gambling reform in Thailand

Korn Chatikavanij, leader of the Kla Party has said that he hopes Thailand will move ahead with gambling reform to boost the economy and fight illegal gambling.

Speaking at a congress at the Centara Government Complex Hotel, he said: “No one wants to promote gambling. But, in reality, we must accept that business in the grey area benefits those who violate laws and those influential individuals with links to gangsters and organised crime. So, it’s time to change that.”

The government committee that is studying the legalisation of gambling in Thailand will release its findings next month, according to a committee member who spoke with the Bangkok Post. The committee has previously suggested that Thailand’s first casino could be in Bangkok or surrounding areas due to the proximity to airports, road connections and hotel infrastructure.

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