Thailand: eight arrested after online gambling raid

Illegal online gambling ring was generating at least THB10 million (€283,700) in daily revenues.

Thailand.- Eight people were arrested after police busted an illegal online gambling operation at a house in Hat Yai district, which was generating at least THB10 million (€283,700) in daily revenues.

They were also charged for violating the ongoing prohibition of gatherings in line with the quarantine measures taken by the country’s government amid the Coronavirus crisis.

The police operation was conducted by the Crime Suppression Division.

The unit raided the house at the Piamsuk housing estate in Tambon Khohong and found eight people, five women and three men, seated at computers and providing online gambling services.

Computers, internet equipment and bank account books were seized as evidence.  

Police told local newspaper,Bangkok Post, the five women were identified as Natthaniporn Aramrom, 26, Pornnapha Thanee, 20, Natthaya Raktasing, 24, Suchawadee Klomsuriyawong, 26, and a 17-year-old, while the three men were Thanakorn Raksapakdi, 32, Watcharin Urairat, 24, and an 18-year-old.

Ms Natthaniporn, the house owner, allegedly admitted running the operation and said the others were her employees,  tasked with posting advertisements online and checking money transfers from customers.

They were initially charged with colluding in online gambling and violating the emergency decree banning group gatherings. They were taken to Khohong police station. 

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