Thailand: 49 arrested over alleged illegal gambling

Thailand: 49 arrested over alleged illegal gambling

Police seized THB3.5m in cash at an alleged illegal casino operating on two floors of a Nonthaburi hotel.

Thailand.- Police in Nonthaburi province have raised the IWish hotel, arresting 49 people. Those arrested include 26 Chinese nationals. Officers claim an illegal casino was operating on the eighth and ninth floors of the hotel, accessible only by keycard.

According to Bangkok Post, police seized six baccarat tables, six slot machines, around 100 packs of cards, THB3.5m in cash, and casino chips with values totalling tens of millions of baht. Those arrested, including foreign nationals from Thailand, Canada, Laos, Myanmar and Singapore, were taken to Rattanathibet police station for legal proceedings. Some were reportedly staff members, but 26 deny the charges, asserting they were in the establishment’s food court.

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