Open letter from TCS John Huxley to the gaming industry

Open letter from TCS John Huxley to the gaming industry

As G2E Asia has been postponed, the British company shares its thoughts about this decision.

UK.- The Coronavirus situation around the world is hitting the economy and the gaming industry is not an exception. With this in mind, TCS John Huxley shared an open letter to explain its position about G2E Asia next edition. Here you will find the complete letter:

“The unfolding coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis has significantly affected the world as we know it. As countries work to contain the spread of the virus, many governments have banned large events, mass gatherings and in many cases, enforced full lock downs until the situation is brought under control. 

“The organiser of G2E Asia, Reed Exhibitions, has decided to postpone the show until the end of July, however even these new dates are far too close for any exhibitors to be able to think about taking part. To exhibit at a trade show takes months of painstaking meticulous preparation. With so many businesses in lock down for indefinite periods along with global travel restrictions, it will take some time to re-establish normal working levels and the appetite to travel will be limited for many. 

“As we emerge from this crisis we will all need to pull together to support each other and our industry, but we need to ensure our decisions are also based on the safety, health and wellbeing of our customers and our employees. Having consulted with our customers, it is our firm belief that very few operators outside of Macau will want to, or be able to attend a show in July, even if it could go ahead at that time. We face challenging trading times and if customer volumes are significantly reduced along with the difficulty of moving products around the world, we have to ask ourselves if this trade show is commercially viable.

TCSJOHNHUXLEY has approached Reed Exhibitions to reconsider their revised dates and defer the show until Q4 or cancel it entirely. Unfortunately, these requests have fallen on deaf ears. “To go ahead with the show under these circumstances is a ludicrous combination of sheer folly and corporate profiteering,” adds Tristan Sjöberg, Executive Chairman of TCSJOHNHUXLEY. 

“We are therefore encouraging other exhibitors and industry professionals to take a stand and advocate for the show to be moved to the end of the year at the earliest. 

“This is the time for us all to work together in highlighting to Reed the need for a sensible approach that is workable, yet beneficial for everyone.”

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