Singapore Turf Club to close by March 2027

The Singapore Turf Club (STC) is Singapore’s only horse racing club.
The Singapore Turf Club (STC) is Singapore’s only horse racing club.

The final race at the venue will be held on October 5 2024.

Singapore.- It’s been announced that the Singapore Turf Club will close by March 2027, with the land to be handed back to the government. The last race will be much sooner: the 100th Grand Singapore Gold Cup on October 5, 2024.

Singapore’s only horse racing club was founded in 1842. Its closure comes because the government is to take back its approximately 120 hectares of land in Kranji, where the Singapore Racecourse is located, for future redevelopment.

Singapore Turf Club chairman Niam Chiang Meng said, “We are saddened by the decision of the Government to close the club. At the same time, we understand the land needs of Singapore, including housing and other potential uses such as leisure and recreation. We will do our best to ensure business as usual for the club until our final race meeting. 

“Concurrently, we will work with our stakeholders to ensure a smooth exit for local horse racing and make the necessary preparations for the estate to be handed over to the Government by March 2027.”

Despite the decline in in-person attendance over the past decade, the club has strived to promote horse racing in Singapore and enhance the sport’s reputation through various initiatives. The club said it will collaborate with the government to facilitate a well-managed exit strategy for local horse racing, extending support to racehorse owners and trainers for horse maintenance and exportation.

According to authorities, over the next three years, the Singapore Turf Club will engage with stakeholders, address their needs, and adopt a phased approach to sustain operations during the transition. The club aims to provide assistance to affected employees in the horse racing community, including career guidance, skills training, and counselling.

Singapore Turf Club president and chief executive Irene MK Lim said: “Singapore Turf Club is extremely proud to have been the home of horse racing for nearly two centuries.

“We are committed to seeing this phase of the nation’s history come to an end in a dignified manner, befitting all our stakeholders including employees, jockeys, racehorse owners, racehorse trainers, the equestrian community and horses that have graced our grounds. We hope to leave a lasting impression of the club that will be fondly and proudly remembered by Singapore and the world”.

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