Singapore sees rise in fake gambling platforms

The number of scams increased 18 fold last year.
The number of scams increased 18 fold last year.

Singapore police reported 299 cases of scams involving fake gambling sites in 2020.

Singapore.- Authorities have announced that the number of scams involving fake gambling sites in Singapore increased more than 18 times between 2019 and 2020.

Singapore police reported 299 cases of fake gambling sites in 2020, which resulted in losses of US$15.4m.

In most cases, the sites ask victims to transfer money to banks in Hong Kong and China. Once the money is deposited all contact ceases.

Victims are usually contacted through online dating sites. After trust is established, the scammer invites them to open a ‘betting account’ promising a quick and easily promise.

In some cases, victims initially appear to win some money from what they believe was a legitimate bet but when they try to cash out the winnings find that their account is frozen. They then receive a message telling them to deposit more funds to unlock the account.

Once the victims transfer more money to the account, the scammers disappear and stop providing answers to queries and the site becomes inaccessible.

The police reported that victims who open accounts on these platforms and placed bets could be prosecuted under the Remote Gambling Act.

Last January, Okada Manila warned that an online casino was illegally using its name.

How to avoid fake gambling sites

In order to avoid being scammed by fake online casinos, authorities advise checking the operator’s licence.

Customers can also look out for incorrect details, a lack of telephone contacts of physical addresses, and check the terms and conditions of the site to gauge how it respects fair play.

Authorities also advise to be aware of bonuses that appear too good to be true.

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