Singapore and Japan begin “cruises to nowhere”

Royal Caribbean’s cruise ship will sail sometime in December.
Royal Caribbean’s cruise ship will sail sometime in December.

Pilot trips began this week with safety measures in place, including intensive care units on board.  

Singapore.- Genting Singapore has resumed its “cruises to nowhere” on a trial basis, while the Japanese firms NYK and Mitsui has also begun running short local trips.  

NYK’s Asuka II and Mitsui’s Nippon Maru are running short, domestic cruises with limited capacity and safety protocols in place.  

Asuka, which has a capacity of 870, ran its first service on November 2 with 330 passengers on board. Nippon Maru sailed from the port of Kobe on the same day.

On November 6, Genting Singapore’s World Dream liner set sail from the Malacca Strait with reduced capacity.  

Safety measures include regular disinfection, restaurants with reduced capacity, while guests have to book the swimming pool in advance. The ship’s clinic is kitted out with a virus testing machine which gives results in an hour. It also has an intensive care unit.  

Cruises in Asia were halted in March due to the Covid-19 outbreaks.

Genting Cruise Lines’ World Dream and Royal Caribbean International’s Quantum have been authorised to run pilot trips in Singapore. Royal Caribbean’s cruise ship is expected to begin sailing in December.   

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