Nagasaki announced a new IR Promotion Office

The RFP process for a casino resort will be selected in Autumn 2020.

Japan.- Nagasaki prefecture is working hard in a possible IR in Sasebo City and announced the establishment of a new IR Promotion Office.

The IR Promotion Office will be directed by Ryuji Hori, deputy general of planning, and will start working on April 1.

“The reason for the establishment of this new office is so the procedures necessary as a local government for an IR bid can be implemented swiftly and correctly, and it will be within the planning department with a similar level of authority,” said a spokesperson to Inside Asia Gaming.

“Three additional staff members will be added to the five who are already responsible for IR and they will all be part of the policy management office of the planning department,” added.

The RFP process for a casino resort will be selected in Autumn 2020.

The IR site area is 31 hectares within the Huis Ten Bosch theme park, and the adjacent port and public harbour areas are also being taken into consideration. It will have a hall for 12,000 people.

Three companies have already publicly confirmed their participation in the RFP phase: Oshidori International Holdings Ltd, a Hong Kong-listed investment holding firm; Japan’s Current Corp; and Casinos Austria International Holding GmbH.

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