Races were cancelled in the HKCJ because of protests

Six members of the club are involved in illegal bookmaking.

Hong Kong.- For the second time in this season, HKJC has cancelled the Happy Valley meeting due to safety reasons. Another big impact in the image of the HKJC after a weekend where they were in the spotlight for a scandal that involved six members of the club in an illegal bookmaking probe.

According to reports, there has been violent protests against government the whole week. On Wednesday, bus and train services across Hong Kong were cancelled during the day due to vandalism. It caused disruptions on road traffic as well.

Hong Kong has been the scene of unrest for the past five months due to anti-government rebellion. Tension between police and protesters have increased last week and it resulted on hundreds of people arrested and others injured.

“The race meeting scheduled for November 13 at Happy Valley Racecourse has been cancelled to ensure the safety of its employees and racegoers”, said the statement of the HKJC.

“The Club has been monitoring the situation in Hong Kong closely. It has conducted a thorough risk assessment of the race meeting tonight and concluded that the latest social unrest and public transportation situation throughout the territory do not support our employees and racegoers arriving and, particularly, departing from the racecourse smoothly and safely. In addition, all Club operations will be suspended”, concluded the statement.

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