Second casino in Primorye to open in March 2020

The official opening of the gambling and entertainment complex will take place in the spring of 2020.

Russia.- The Primorye Gambling Zone is developing to schedule with the region’s second casino property to begin operations in March.

The update was given by the Director-General of the Primorye Territory Development Corporation in an interview with state news agency TASS.

“At the moment, the investor (Shambhala CJSC) has already completed construction and installation works and started to decorate the interior.

“The official opening of the gambling and entertainment complex will take place in the spring of 2020. At the first stage, the company will recruit up to 500 employees,” Director General Olga Sun-zhayu told TASS.

The Primorye Gambling Zone in Russia will host at least 11 casinos by 2023, according to an announcement made last December by the region’s Vice Governor, Konstantin Shestakov, during a visit to the future gaming zone.

“We have entered the final stage of constructing two new entertainment complexes with casinos in the gambling zone. An investor from Cambodia is completing an 11-story hotel with a casino and a concert hall,” he said.

The project is supervised by Primorsky Krai Development Corporation JSC which is responsible for overseeing the gaming zone.

The project involves two phases: the first is the construction of a gambling and entertainment complex with an area of ​​more than 28,000 square meters.

The second phase is expected to begin in 2021 and the property will be two times bigger than the first complex.

“We plan that the second phase of the Tigre de Cristal project will be agreed upon this summer, and construction will begin already in 2021.

“The project involves doubling the existing number of rooms and gaming equipment compared to the existing complex. The new complex will also include four restaurants and bars, a built-in covered beach, duty-free retail areas, and various services for business tourism,” Sun-zhayu said.

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