POGO workers to be investigated

Four Chinese suspects in the kidnapping of a POGO worker last week were identified; the Government plans new measures to prevent related crimes.

Philippines.- Police have identified the four Chinese suspects in the kidnapping of a Chinese Philippine offshore gaming operator (Pogo) worker in Makati City on 9th December. According to local press Maj. Gideon Ines Jr., chief of the Makati police investigation section, however, said that the one of the suspects had already left the country.

Investigators were able to determine the identities of the four suspects after a Chinese national, whom the police did not identify for security reasons, went to the Makati police station to say that he was the former owner of the van used in the kidnapping.

“He came to us voluntarily on Friday so he could clear his name, after his Chinese friends sent him messages that it was his car that was used in the kidnapping,” Ines said.

Strong measures are being prepared after this and other recent kidnapping cases. Last week, the Government reported to be issuing ID cards to all foreign POGO workers since January, with the aim of monitoring, taxing and protecting POGO workers.

Now, House of Representatives lawmaker Eric Go Yap, chairman of the committee on games and amusements, indicated that legislators are preparing to investigate cases of kidnapping involving Chinese nationals working in POGOs.

The Philippine National Police-Anti Kidnapping Group (PNP-AKG) has documented 36 casino-related kidnappings from January to November 2019. The police have requested additional manpower to assist in their operations against what they said was the rising number of kidnappings on Chinese POGO workers.

Pagcor reported to a panel of the House of Representatives that there are 92,897 foreign POGO workers in the country, though many observers believe the true number isn’t known.

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