Philippines: 8 arrested for illegal gambling

Police seized two mahjong mats and two sets of tiles.
Police seized two mahjong mats and two sets of tiles.

Those arrested were playing mahjong in Barangay.

The Philippines.- Police in Barangay have arrested eight people who were allegedly playing and betting on mahjong. Authorities seized two mahjong mats, two sets of mahjong tiles and PHP356 in cash.

Those arrested, aged between 37 to 71 years old, were detained at the Bago City Police Station and have been charged with violating Presidential Decree No. 1602.

A week ago, police in Barangay arrested four people for illegal gambling. Those arrested were identified as Sheryl Joy Yudelmo, 36; Gemma Aquino, 57; Corazon Serbo, 47; and Kestine Pedrosa, 28. According to Panay News, they were caught playing mahjong on Saturday afternoon. Police confiscated a set of mahjong tiles and PHP540.

In Mimaropa, police have reported having made 1,261 arrests for illegal gambling since January this year. Chief brigadier general Sidney Hernia said that according to the records of the Regional Operations Department, police carried out 341 operations and seized PHP366,283.

Those arrested included 158 people who were arrested in a week-long anti-gambling operation between September 12 and 18. Five provincial police stations and one municipal police station conducted 41 operations, resulting in the forfeiture of PHP42,760 in betting funds. Those arrested are being held in police custody while criminal charges are prepared.

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