Philippines: 14 arrested for illegal gambling

Those arrested were found gambling during a raid in Angeles City.
Those arrested were found gambling during a raid in Angeles City.

Police in Angeles City have arrested 14 Chinese citizens for alleged involvement in illegal gambling.

The Philippines.- Authorities have arrested 14 people during a raid in Angeles City related to alleged illegal gambling activities. Those arrested were found gambling on the second floor of a building on Sunday morning.

During the raid, officers seized a poker table, poker playing cards, coin chips, a money-counting machine and money. According to local media reports, those arrested had private bodyguards whose guns were also seized for firearms verification.

Local officers said they were reinforcing operations against illegal gambling activities tor reduce criminal activity in the city.

In July, authorities arrested 28 people in a series of raids related to alleged illegal gambling operations. Nine of those arrested were said to be betting on an illegal online cockfighting match in Barangay Socorro, while four people were arrested after police discovered they were playing an illegal numbers game.

According to PhilStar, another four people were betting on an illegal cockfight in Nagkaisang Nayon. Police seized the fighting cocks and cash. The rest of the arrests were made in other parts of Quezon City.

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