Philippines: 10 arrested for illegal gambling

Those arrested were allegedly playing mahjong and tong-its.
Those arrested were allegedly playing mahjong and tong-its.

Police in Pampanga arrested 10 people in Gerona, Pura and Moncada.

The Philippines.- Ten people have been arrested in Gerona, Pura, and Moncada towns in Tarlac for alleged illegal gambling. According to officers, those arrested were playing mahjong and tong-its. P3,364 in bet money was seized.

Tarlac police director Colonel Erwin Sanque told The Inquirer that a series of operations led to the arrests of 72 people suspected of other crimes, including 14 suspected drug dealers and 41 people with arrest warrants.

In October, police in Tarlac arrested 13 people who were allegedly involved in illegal gambling. Officers seized mahjong tiles, Spanish “cuajo” playing cards and PHP25,000 in alleged gambling money. In Manila, police arrested 22 people, for allegedly betting on illegal cockfights. Police seized fighting cocks, gaffs in various denominations and gambling sums totalling PHP19,000 (US$0,32143).

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