NSW government appoints panel to oversee cashless gambling trial

The trial will comprise 500 poker machines in clubs and pubs.
The trial will comprise 500 poker machines in clubs and pubs.

The New South Wales government hopes to begin the trial by November.

Australia.- The New South Wales government has announced the creation of a panel to oversee the state government’s cashless gambling trial. It will be led by former New South Wales Liquor, Gaming and Racing commissioner Michael Foggo

Premier Chris Minns announced the panel’s formation along with a departmental review of the ClubGrants scheme today (July 13) at a press conference. The panel consists of 16 members, including independent executive committee members Ursula Stephens and Niall Blair. It will work towards an evidence-based roadmap for future gambling reforms, with a reporting deadline set for November 2024.

The panel will design and launch a 12-month trial of expanded cashless gaming on 500 poker machines in clubs and pubs. The delayed trial is now expected to commence before November.

In addition to the cashless gaming trial, the panel will provide guidance on the use of facial recognition technology, the self-exclusion register and technical and system standards.

Foggo said: “We want to make sure we get the balance right and consider all relevant factors so that any future reforms implemented by the NSW government work.

“The independent panel will get straight to work and will meet in the coming weeks to confirm the framework of the cashless gaming trial and recommend an appropriate mix of venues for the trial to the NSW government.”

The panel will also include representatives from the gaming industry, harm minimisation experts, academics, cybersecurity professionals, NSW Police and the United Workers Union.

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