Nagasaki: IR contender to partner with three Japanese firms

Nagasaki is due to select its final IR candidate in August.
Nagasaki is due to select its final IR candidate in August.

Niki Chau Fwu Group, one of the three bidders for Nagasaki’s IR tender, has announced it will partner with three Japanese construction companies to support the project.

Japan.- Niki Chau Fwu Group, one of the three contenders for Nagasaki’s IR bid, has announced it will partner with three local construction companies.

According to a press release, Niki Chau Fwu Group will partner with Hazama Ando Corp; Okumura Corp; and Tanigawa Kensetsu Co Ltd, three construction firms that will help it to achieve “the highest quality for the IR development.”

Niki Chau Fwu Group, together with Oshidori International Holdings and Casinos Austria International is one of the three contenders who have entered the second stage of the bidding process, in which each company must show its business strategies and plans to tackle gambling addiction issues.

Nagasaki is due to select its final candidate in August. The prefecture will then make a submission by 2022 in its bid for permission to develop an integrated resort.

The successful IR partner will have to pay JPY158m (US$1.5m) for the request for proposal process and JPY10m (US$92,000) for a background check.

Nagasaki to hold a second Kyushu Regional Strategy Council (KRSC) meeting

Nagasaki’s prefectural government will hold a second Kyushu Regional Strategy Council (KRSC) meeting, this time composed of stakeholders in the tourism, hospitality and education sectors, at the end of the month.

In May, a meeting was held to discuss how to deal with potential addiction issues and handle concerns raised by IR opponents.

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