Macau to promote tourism amid Covid-19 crisis

Macau to boost tourism industry.
Macau to boost tourism industry.

Macau government opens MOP$3.2billion war chest to help drive visitors to the city as it looks to recover from the Coronavirus crisis.

Macau.- The Secretary for Economy and Fincance, Lei Wei Nong, announced in an address to the Legislative Assembly that the government has reserved MOP$3.2billion for the next phase of economic stimulus measures.

The amount is intended to develop more initiatives to support the tourism and hotel industries.

According to Lei Wei Nong, the government is studying ways to promote a deeper collaboration between the tourism industry and the local cultural and creative sectors in order to encourage tourists to stay longer in Macau.

The plan is in line with the previously announced idea to diversify the economy in a city mainly supported by the gaming industry, now severely hit by the Coronavirus crisis.

“Our goal is [to have visitors] stay one more night, visit one more day,” Lei said, and highlighted that the government will focus efforts on the integration of tourism and leisure resources by launching more discounts and incentives for visitors.

The Secretary added that Macau would gradually see more visitors from Hong Kong and mainland China once the Coronavirus pandemic is more stable and border restrictions are lifted.

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