Macau says gaming table and slot machine cap will better control casino market

Macau's gaming bill may get a final vote by the end of June.
Macau's gaming bill may get a final vote by the end of June.

Legislator Chan Chak Mo has said the proposal to limit the number of gaming tables and gaming machines aims to better control the scale of the casino market.

Macau.- Debate continues around Macau’s new gaming law amendment bill. At a Legislative Assembly committee, legislator Chan Chak Moas responded to concerns about limits on the number of gaming tables and gaming machines that gaming concessionaire will be permitted to operate.

Chak Mo said the cap was intended to offer better control over the size of Macau’s gaming industry and to promote the “healthy development” of the market.

Casino operators in Macau are set to be given minimum annual casino gross gaming revenue (GGR) targets, according to proposed amendments to the gaming regulatory framework. The incumbent secretary for economy and finance will be able to take back a table or machine if the game stock held by a concessionaire fails to meet the minimum annual GGR level set by the government for two consecutive years.

Any increase or decrease in the game inventory of each casino must be approved by the secretary for economy and finance, even in the case of opening a new casino.

It’s been reported that the final draft of Macau’s gaming law amendment bill may be submitted to the Legislative Assembly (AL) for discussion and a vote in June. Lei Wai Nong, Macau’s secretary for economy and finance, has confirmed that the territory’s current casino licences will be extended until December 31.

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