Macau mulls easing travel restrictions from China

Macau mulls easing travel restrictions from China

The SAR government is also looking to increase restrictions visitors coming from Europe.

Macau.- With the Coronavirus situation almost under control in Macau, the SAR government is considering easing entry restrictions for visitors from mainland China but while increasing restrictions on those coming from Europe.

“The current situation of COVID-19 in mainland China is easing, infection numbers in many provinces and cities have not increased for many days, so we are evaluating the current policies towards mainland China,” a Health Bureau spokesperson said at a press conference.

“However, regarding the current situation of the epidemic in European countries, we are considering placing more European countries on the high-risk areas list. We will announce the latest measures soon,” he added.

The seven countries on the list of high risk areas include South Korea, Japan, Iran, Italy, France, Spain and Germany, and all arrivals from these countries are required to undergo a 14-day quarantine period. 

According to Inside Asia Gaming, as of 11 March, 80 people are quarantined, of which 54 are local residents are staying home and 26 tourists and residents in appointed hotels.

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