Macau explores health code to ease border restrictions

Macau looks for a recovery of the gaming industry
Macau looks for a recovery of the gaming industry

System could pave the way for border restrictions to be lifted, which would provide a boost to the Macau economy.

Macau.- Authorities are working on a “health code” system that could pave the way to lift border restrictions between Macau and Guandong Province.

Opening up the borders would have an immediate, positive impact on Macau’s economic recovery process post Covid-19.

According to the Health Bureau officials the “health code” is being tested and is based on a health declaration system that is already being used. ,

It requires people to fill in and show an electronic health declaration form before entering government departments.

The code system will classify personal health status with different colours, and those with a “green code” would be allowed to enter Guangdong Province without quarantine.

The government will announce further details once consensus with Guangdong Province is reached and a feasible measure is determined.

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