Macau: Hong Kong and Taiwan tourist numbers fell

Macau borders restrictions resulted on a plunge of visitors.
Macau borders restrictions resulted on a plunge of visitors.

New restrictions in Macau borders resulted on a plunge of visitors.

Macau.- Tourists from Hong Kong and Taiwan has dropped sharply as new entry restrictions entered into force, police authorities revealed.

Mainland Chinese, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau residents have to undergo quarantine for 14 days in designated hotels after entry if they have travelled to Hong Kong and Taiwan in the past 14 days before intended entry to Macau.

According to Public Security Police Force (CPSP) spokesperson, Lei Tak Fai, the number of Hong Kong visitors has dropped 96 per cent since yesterday to 62 today, with Taiwanese tourists falling 92 per cent to 8.

Most of the Hong Kong tourists who entered the city through the Gongbei Border, and since in the last 14 days they have not been in the SAR they only had to undergo a medical screening lasting between six to eight hours.

Tourism authorities also warned Macau residents that even if they enter the city through the borders with Mainland China, if they have been in Taiwan or Hong Kong they will also have to be subject to medical isolation.

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