Macau govt recommends people use online banking

Macau govt recommends people use online banking

While some bank branches are now open the government is suggesting people use online and mobile banking where possible.

Macau.- The Monetary Authority of Macau (AMCM) has recommended that residents use online banking, phone banking, ATMs or other electronic banking services instead of visiting banks.

The measure is intended to prevent the further spread of the deadly Coronavirus.

Local banks are again in operation after the Coronavirus outbreak led to an extended Chinese New Year holiday period, but with reduced services and increased health precautions in place.

Banks and insurance institutions were asked by the Government to impose measures to prevent and control the epidemic. This includes closing certain branches in the city while clients will only be allowed to enter premises after body temperature checks have been conducted.

If the recorded temperature is equal or above 37°C the client will be advised to seek medical attention and entrance to the bank will not be allowed.

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