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Lottery sales in China drop 20.8% in 2020

Chinese lottery sales reached CNY333.95bn in 2020.
Chinese lottery sales reached CNY333.95bn in 2020.

All lottery sales were down in comparison to 2019 except for Keno sales, which increased despite the Covid-19 pandemic.

China.- Lottery sales in China lost ground during the Covid-19 pandemic, falling by 20.8 per cent year-on-year to CNY333.95bn (US$51.52bn) last year.

Video lottery sales were most affected by the pandemic and the closure of betting outlets at the beginning of the year. Sales plummeted by 84.8 per cent year-on-year to just CNY679.3m (US$104.8m) in 2020.

Welfare Lottery sales were down 24.5 per cent at CNY144.48bn (US$22.3bn). Sports Lottery sales fell 17.9 per cent to CNY189.64bn (US$29.26bn).

Sales of instant win games also fell, down 2.1 per cent at CNY14.64bn (US$2.25bn).

Only Keno sales increased year-on-year, reaching CNY910.9m (US$140.5m) 2020.

December as the strongest month for lottery sales in China but still saw sales down by 11.8 per cent year-on-year at CNY36.51bn (US$5.63bn).

New limits on sports lotteries

As of 1 November 2020, every Chinese province, autonomous region or municipality can operate only one quick-draw for virtual sports lotteries.

A joint notice from the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Civil Affairs and the General Administration of Sport announced the restrictions on sales of quick-draw welfare lottery games and high-frequency sports lottery games.

After the 2021 annual Spring Festival holiday, all high-frequency quick-open games will be stopped.

In this context, some of the main operators in the sector are already looking into other businesses. is investing heavily in cryptocurrency machines.

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