Kangwon Land closed for one day due to Coronavirus

Kangwon Land closed for one day due to Coronavirus

South Korea casino becomes the latest to shut its doors as the deadly virus continues to impact the Asian gambling sector.

South Korea.- Kangwon Land, the only casino in Korea where locals are permitted to gamble, has closed its doors for 24 hours on Sunday due to the ongoing Coronavirus crisis.

It is only the second time in its history that the casino has been closed. The casino had previously closed for one day in 2012 to check security cameras following a security breach. The operators explained that the decision for the current closure was to help halt the spread of COVID-19.

“Also the question remains if foreigner-only casinos will follow suit, though the possibility would not seem high as their utilization rates are typically less than half of Kangwon’s anyway,” Kangwon Land management said according to Inside Asian Gaming.

Although the casino will only be closed for one day, JP Morgan said that more closures similar to the 15-day shut down in Macau are likely.

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